Flora Detail

Common Name White milkwood ( Eng. ); witmelkhout, melkhout (Afr.)
Family Sapotaceae
Date Observed 26-06-2021
Category Trees
Catalogue No. 5501RG
Flowering Time Spring,Summer
Colour White to Grey
Locations Observed
Estuary Few
Koppie Few
Nature Reserve Few
Small Holding Few
Village Few
Greater Rooiels

Sideroxylon inerme ssp. inerme


White milkwood ( Eng. ); witmelkhout, melkhout (Afr.)

Bark and roots for fevers. Wood is hard and was used for boats, bridges and mills. Birds, bats, baboons and porcupines eat the fruit. Mousebirds also eat flowers. Paradise flycatchers eat insects visiting flowers. Makes excellent fire break.

This species is commonly found in dune forests along the coast and inlands into Gauteng and Zim. Three trees are National Monuments. “Post Office Tree” in Mossel Bay, Treaty Tree in Woodstock and Fingo Milwood Tree near Peddie.