Flora Detail

Common Name Coastal Camphor Tree, Kuskanferbos (Female on picture)
Family Asteraceae
Date Observed 06-04-2021
Category Trees
Catalogue No. 5503RG
Flowering Time Autumn,Winter
Colour White to Grey
Locations Observed
Estuary Few
Nature Reserve Few
Small Holding Few
Village Few
Greater Rooiels

Tarchonanthus littoralis


Coastal Camphor Tree, Kuskanferbos (Female on picture)

The white fruiting inflorescences are extremely showy against the dark green foliage, and remain decorative for many months

Female flowers are white to cream-coloured. After flowering, each female flower  becomes a cotton-wool-like ball of shiny white fragrant hairs, that fluffs out more as it matures. The small seed is buried inside the puff of white hairs.